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Resources to support you in time of difficulty

​If you have particular difficulties or cannot find the help you need, please let the Parish Office know, so that we can offer you support.

Domestic abuse

In order to raise awareness within the Catholic community of domestic abuse and the impact upon victims and their children, the National Board of Catholic Women (NBCW) has released a booklet that offers pastoral care and guidance. It has been described as an excellent resource for all of us.

To read more and download the booklet, click here.

The Silent Solution tells you what to do if you need urgent police help through the 999 service, but can’t speak.

Safe Spaces

Safe Spaces is a service dedicated to the support and accompaniment of those who have suffered abuse within the Church. It will complement the existing support services within the Catholic Church in England and Wales.

Safe Spaces, which is a joint Catholic/Anglican initiative, is independently managed by the charity Victim Support.

Bereavement Support

The local deanery provides bereavement support. Contact them at

The Bereavement Journey helps you to understand your loss, whether this has been a recent bereavement or some time ago.  The course is for 6 weeks and provided in many locations around the country and also online on Zoom.  You will learn a lot and you can connect with people who understand what you are experiencing. The course is designed for people of all faiths and the final session adds a Christian perspective.

Deanery Bereavement Service.jpg

The website At A Loss may also prove helpful in finding services and resources to help you in your bereavement.

Food Poverty

Hangleton and West Blatchington Foodbank operates out of the parish hall at St George's (but independently of the parish) and provides short-term food aid to people who are referred to them for help. Information about referrals is on their website.

If you are able to donate to the Foodbank, a list of the most needed items is updated each week on their Facebook page. There is other information about supporting the Foodbank on their website.

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