Weekend Masses

Sunday Masses are at 5:30 pm on Saturdays (vigil Mass) and 9 am on Sundays, both at St Theresa’s, and at 11 am on Sundays at St George’s.

There are confessions before Mass at St Theresa's 4:45-5:15 on  Saturdays.

Weekday Masses

Masses are normally as follows:

    Tue     10 am       St George's

    Wed    7:30 pm   St Theresa's (Adoration from 6:30)

    Thu     10 am      St George's

    Fri       10 am      St Theresa's

Please check the Mass Intentions information for any variations from this

Today's readings at Mass
COVID-19 precautions

We have largely lifted restrictions in the churches now. We still ask people to wear a face covering in church if they can, to sanitise their hands on the way in and on the way out, and we still takes names and contact details of those coming to Mass. If you wish to maintain social distancing, you can pick up a sheet when you come into church to place next to you, asking others not to sit there.

Many churches have the technology to live-stream Mass, enabling you to follow Mass even if you cannot be there in person. Links for those churches in the diocese are here (scroll down the page). Other useful websites, allowing you to select by place or by time, are Church Services TV and Mass-online.

Mass Times and Intentions

If you wish Fr Tony to offer a Mass for a specific intention, please give him the details.

It is usual to offer a Mass stipend if you can afford it. Read more...

There are envelopes available in the churches.

Saturday 4th December - St John of Damascus

    4:45-5:15 pm - Confessions

    5:30 pm - Mass, St Theresa's - Patricia Weatherseed RIP


Sunday 5th December - Second Sunday of Advent  

    9 am - Mass, St Theresa's - Note new time! All Parishioners 

   11 am - Mass, St George's - Graziella Cavallero 


Tuesday 7th December - St Ambrose  

    10  am - Mass, St George's 


Wednesday 8th December - Immaculate Conception

    6:30 pm - Adoration

    7:30 pm - Mass, St Theresa's - Elizabeth Daly RIP

Thursday 9th December - St Juan Diego  

    10 am - Mass, St George's 

Friday 10th December 

    10 am  - Mass, St Theresa's - Mary Walsh & Joseph Mitchel RIP


Saturday 11th December - St Damasus I 

    4:45-5:15 pm - Confessions

    5:30 pm - Mass, St Theresa's


Sunday 12th December - Third Sunday of Advent  

    9 am - Mass, St Theresa's - Note new time! - Eileen Iacono  

   11 am - Mass, St George's