Weekend Masses


Sunday Masses at St Theresa’s are at 5:30pm on Saturdays (Vigil Mass) and 9:00am on Sundays, and at St George’s at 11:00am on Sundays.


There are confessions before Mass at St Theresa's 4:45-5:15 on Saturdays.

Weekday Masses


Masses are normally as follows:

    Tue     10:00am       St George's

    Wed    7:30pm        St Theresa's (Adoration to 9:00pm)

    Thu     10:00am      St George's

    Fri       10:00am      St Theresa's


Please check the information to the right for any variations from this.

Polish Mass


Mass in Polish is normally celebrated by the Polish chaplaincy at

St George's on Saturdays at 6:30pm and Sundays at 9:15am.

Today's readings at Mass
Mass Times and Intentions

If you wish Fr Tony to offer a Mass for a specific intention, please give him the details.

It is usual to offer a Mass stipend if you can afford it. Read more...

There are envelopes available in the churches.

Saturday 2nd July

    4:45pm Confessions, St Theresa's

    5:30pm Mass, St Theresa's

Sunday 3rd July - 14th Sunday of the year

    9am - Mass, St Theresa's, School Leavers Mass - Sebastiana Rato RIP

    11am - Mass, St George's - All Parishioners 


Tuesday 5th July

    10am Mass , St Georges


Wednesday 6th July - St Maria Goretti 

    10am Mass, St George's 

    7:30pm Mass, St Theresa’s - Stephen Cunnane RIP 

    Adoration to 9pm 

Thursday 7th July 

      10:30am Funeral Mass, St Theresa's - Funeral of Jerry Sheehan 

      (No Mass at St Georges)

      7pm Music Practice, St Theresa's 


Friday 8th July 

    10am Mass, St Theresa's

Saturday 9th July

    4:45pm Confessions, St Theresa's

    5:30pm Mass, St Theresa's - Jerry Sheehan RIP

Sunday 10th July - 15th Sunday of the year

    11am - Mass, St Theresa's, First Holy Communion - FHC Children & Families 

    11am - Mass, St George's - All Parishioners