Arrangements for Mass

Fr Alistair and the Pastoral Team have been working hard behind the scenes for the resumption of public Masses. There have been many factors to consider, and we’re doing our best to ensure that people can return to church safely and, of course, to ensure that Fr Alistair too is kept safe. We are deliberately taking things step by small step which is why there is only Mass at St Theresa’s at the moment. Assuming all goes smoothly, we hope to have Mass at St George’s before the end of July.

For now, you will have to book a place if you wish to attend Mass. Please let us know, preferably by emailing (using this link, rather than the usual Parish Office address) if you wish to come. The deadline for contacting us is the end of Thursday for the following Sunday. If you miss out on a place one week, we will give you priority over newer requests the next week.

You may not be able to attend Mass every week, to allow as many people to attend Mass as wish to do so.

There is no obligation, at present, to come to Mass. For some people, it would be wiser not to come because of age or health conditions. We realise, too, that people who are dependent on a lift from someone outside of their household will not be able to attend until social distancing restrictions are eased further.

​You may have questions about what it will be like at church, how it will be different from before. We have put together some information here and here which we hope will be helpful.