Prayers which can be used when you cannot attend a Mass in person are here. Readings for the day are on Universalis.

Please Pray For
All who are sick in the parish including:

Alex, Alan, Ana, Andrew, Anne, Balavendra, Cheryl, Chris, Christine, Elizabeth, Florence, Harold, Jean, Joan, Joyce, Kathleen, Margaret S, Margaret, Maria P, Maritza, Mary H, Mary L, Paddy, Pauline, Philip, Robert, Sandra, Stephen, Terry, Valerie, Vince;

Those who have died recently, especially:

Hattie Baker, June Porritt, Sheila Hooper, Ronald Paine and

Maria Grazia Topa.

Those whose anniversaries occur during the month of May, including:

                Daniel Arief 

1st           Bernadette McGrory 

2nd          Kathy Nee 

                Mary Kate Ayliffe 

6th           Francesca Fox 

                Michael Barley 

                Raymond Monasingh 

                Gerry Farrell 

7th           Mary Liechti 

9th           Joseph Francis Moonjappilly 

                Harry Fox 

11th        Lisardo Pereira 

                Cyril Hollis 

                Martin Gilligan 

12th        Ellen Harris 

13th        Winifred Kelly 

15th        Rhoda Hollis 

17th        Albert Wood 

                Sally Chattalas 

21st         Fr Martin Bennett 

23rd        Daisy Long 

24th        Thomas Gibbons 

                Audrey Coombs 

                Mary Mann 

25th        David Kay 

26th        Louisa Debie 

                Terence Osbourne 

28th        Bernard Jee 

                Michael McDonald 

29th        Reginald Wood 

31st         Martin McLoughlin 

                Helen Rachel Fitzgerald

Prayer Group

Thursday 8pm via video-link: a small and informal group meeting to pray and read the scriptures together. If you'd like to join the group, or just 'come and see' you'd be very welcome. Just send an email and you will receive the link for the meeting.

The prayer group is taking an August break, resuming on 2 September.

Resources on the Internet
Prayer Resources

Whether you prefer to read, listen or watch, there's a wide choice of resources available. If you have found another resource which you would recommend, please let us know!

Pray as you go offers an audio reflection on one of the day's readings. 

Sacred Space offers a series of brief prompts to daily prayer. It also offers a 14-day 'Isolation Retreat' which can be done over two weeks, or you can just dip into the themes that speak to you.

The Lectio app from interdenominational group 24-7 is a free daily devotional resource that helps you pray the Bible every day. Available in Apple and Android versions.

Video talks

Fr Stephen Wang's Pause for Faith YouTube channel has talks on a wide variety of subjects for you to watch at a time that suits you.

Reflections on Sunday readings

The Dominicans provide a new Catholic homily each week.


Worth Abbey offers several online retreats, as does the House of Prayer. Belmont Abbey also makes available the material from previous retreats, for you to follow at a time of your choice.

Praying with children

Godly Play is a Christian movement centred on childhood spirituality – providing training to transform thinking and practice for the whole of life.


Colour and Shape is a weekly online Children's Liturgy for young families. Sunday liturgies are uploaded to a YouTube channel and there is also content and social interaction on Facebook.

CAFOD provides Children's Liturgy material for each Sunday, including a picture to colour in.