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Prayers which can be used when you cannot attend a Mass in person are here. Readings for the day are on Universalis.

Please Pray For
All who are sick in the parish including:

Florence, Kathleen, Paddy, Cheryl, MargaretEileen, Veronica, Eileen, Chris, Vince, Maria, Philip, Jean, Marion, Elizabeth, Hanorah, Mat, Winifred, Sandra, Julie, Tom, Terry, Tony and Colette. 

Those who have died recently, especially:

Joyce Monasingh, Patrick Atkinson and Malcolm Allwright. 

Those whose anniversaries occur during the month of November, including:

November             Ernest Harris

                                Peter Allen

                                Rachel Dumbrell

                                Maureen Wakefield

1st November       Eileen Sawyer

                                Margaret Maltby

                                Delia Wood

2nd November      John Joseph Purcell

                                Basil King

                                Eileen Barley 

3rd November      Agnes Camps

                                Jacqueline Garnett

                                Teresa Rossi

                                Kathleen Ansell 

4th November      Adair Frederick

5th November      Alice Reynolds

                                Ololade Otusanya

                                Thomas Smith 

                                Mary Maginty

6th November      John Joseph McCarthy

                                Fred Washer

                                Joan Frances Lytle 

                                Sophie Mary Ward

                                William Parkinson

                                Walter Fernando

7th November      Margaret Gallagher 

                                Hilda Louise Jenner

                                Michael Short

8th November      Reginald Smart

                                Reg Chisholm

                                Bernard Edward Ring

                                Bernard O'Brien

                                Margaret McDonald

                                Hannah Winifred Jenkins

                                Joe Pyatt

9th November      Ron Halewood

                                Arthur Doyle

                                Kathleen Howard

                                Cesario B. Esguerra

10th November    Bridget Mallett

                                Daphne Bishop 

                                Lily Violet Clark 

11th November    Mary Lanniman

                                Mary O'Kane

                                James Forrest

                                Shaun Desmond Leigh

12th November    William (Bill) Walsh

13th November    Peter Gonsalves

                                Molly Simmons

                                Michael Gerard Lawlor

14th November    Vincenzo Sansone

                                John Majtas

15th November    Ann Vera Cook

                                Walter Barnes 

16th November    Paul Chisholm

                                Cornelius Herlihy 

                                Reginald Howard

                                Boyd Stevenson Kerr

                                Teresa Simmonds

17th November    Nelly Mary Pillerion

                                Ella Beatrice Stephenson

                                Christina Bonner

18th November    Ann Healy

19th November    Christine Forsdyke

                                Ivy Stone

20th November    Peter Mitchell

                                Michael Galvin 

                                Priscilla Oakley

                                Mark Diaper

                                Barbara Harris

21st November    Vic Thatcher

22nd November   Catherine Moore

23rd November    Leah Mary Souden

24th November    Marie Pearson

                                Kathleen (Kitty) McKenzie

                                Victoriano Velarde Jr

25th November    Peggy Wood 

26th November    Nigel Oxlade

                                Alan Giles

                                James Whelan

27th November    Ron Jupp

                                Patrick (Paddy) McLoughlin

28th November    Geraldine May

                                Stella Bell

                                Dermot McMahon

30th November    John Kennard

                                Philip Nunneley

                                Mary Colwell

                                Septima Knock

Resources on the Internet
Prayer Resources

Whether you prefer to read, listen or watch, there's a wide choice of resources available. If you have found another resource which you would recommend, please let us know!

Pray as you go offers an audio reflection on one of the day's readings. 

Sacred Space offers a series of brief prompts to daily prayer.

The Lectio app from interdenominational group 24-7 is a free daily devotional resource that helps you pray the Bible every day. Available in Apple and Android versions.

Video talks

Fr Stephen Wang's Pause for Faith YouTube channel has talks on a wide variety of subjects for you to watch at a time that suits you.

Reflections on Sunday readings

The Dominicans provide a new Catholic homily each week.


Belmont Abbey makes available the material from previous retreats, for you to follow at a time of your choice.

Prayer Group

Thursday 8pm via video-link: a small and informal group meeting to pray and read the scriptures together. If you'd like to join the group, or just 'come and see' you'd be very welcome. Just send an email and you will receive the link for the meeting.

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