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Parish Giving
The Offertory Collection

The offertory collection each week provides the income to run our parish.

It covers costs such as

  • the resources used for the liturgy, for faith-based programmes and outreach

  • building costs such as energy bills, maintenance

  • administrative costs, including personnel costs and insurance

  • household costs for our priest (but not a salary; priests do not receive a salary)

  • contribution to Diocesan costs

  • on-going projects or provision for future projects

Please consider what you can realistically give, according to your own personal circumstances.  

Note that the Christmas and Easter offertory collections are treated differently: these go to the priest, for whom it forms a major part of his personal income.

Retiring Collections

From time to time a collection is taken up as people leave the church at the end of Mass. The money collected goes to a specific cause which is advertised in advance, such as a charity, and is not for general parish use.

Mass Stipends

If you request a Mass Intention, then it is usual to give a donation as a Mass stipend. There is no fixed amount but a minimum of £10 is suggested, if you can afford it.

Cash for Mass stipends can be put in the Mass Intention envelopes which are available at the back of the church.

Mass stipends form a part of the priest’s personal income.

Regular Giving - Ways to Give
  1. By setting up a standing order using online banking. The parish bank account details are here.

  2. By setting up a standing order by downloading a form here, filling it in and sending it to your bank.

  3. By making an online donation using JustGiving, putting 'RCD Arundel and Brighton Our Lady Star of the Sea' in the message area. 

  4. By putting a cheque in the collection or sending it to the Parish Office. Make the cheque payable to RCD Arundel and Brighton Our Lady Star of the Sea                                                         

  5. Make an online donation using:

Gift Aid can increase your donations to the parish by 25% at no cost to yourself.

  Find out more.

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Give Online 

Via the link below, or by scanning the QR code. 

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