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The Bartimaeus Project

A group of parish priests (Including myself) in the diocese are organising a series of talks on aspects of the Catholic Faith under the title "The Bartimaeus Project". The title reminds us of Bartimaeus asks to be able to see, and sight in the Gospels is often a metaphor for understanding.

The talks will be delivered in our parishes, and people can participate in one of three ways. They can come to the parish that the talk is being delivered in, they can come to one of the other participating parishes where the talk will be streamed, followed by a chance to discuss the talk and the opportunity to ask the presenter questions via the online link. Or people can participate via Zoom from their own homes.

We hope this harnessing of skills gained during the pandemic will enable as many people as possible to participate.

The first series of talks, running on Tuesday evenings in March, will focus on how God communicates with us, including reflection on how the Bible is the 'Word of God'

Find out more - including how to register - at

Fr. Tony

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