Hey! Santos here!

I’ve been a parishioner at St George’s for as long as I can remember! Many of you may know me (and my sister) as an altar server at both St George’s and St Theresa’s church! I’ve recently graduated in Psychology at the University of Portsmouth, and I’m about to embark on an exciting year of work related to my Christian faith!

What I’m doing

Starting in September, I will be embarking on a year of missionary, training, and discipleship as a Relay worker at the University of Portsmouth. Relay is a scheme for graduates run by the charity; Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF), The Christian Unions is a fellowship of students, staff and supporters that exists to give every student in Great Britain an opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Its focus is on developing Christ like character through an understanding of God’s grace, serving alongside the Christian Unions as they seek to take the gospel to the universities of Great Britain, and provide training that will help me keep living and speaking for Jesus for the rest of my life.

After three years as a student at University, I’ve noticed how, for many people, this is a key time of exploring faith and making huge life decisions, so it’s such an exciting work to be involved with!


How you can help me and join me on this mission

As part of the year, I’ll be working alongside the Christian Union in Portsmouth. Christian Unions are missional communities, led by students, involving people from various different church backgrounds, bringing them together to live and speak for Jesus at the centre of campus life. They are supported by Staff Workers and Relay Workers, and from September I will be one of the latter!

As a student, I loved being involved in the Christian Union at Portsmouth. It was my friends in the union who really showed me what it looked like to live and speak for Jesus at university, and who supported me, prayed with me, and came alongside me as I tried to do that.

During the year, I am responsible for finding a team of supporters who will firstly be able to pray for me. I am very aware that I really need God’s help to make the most of all the opportunities for growth this year, and in the awesome ministry of sharing the Gospel with students. I would love it therefore, if you would consider becoming part of a team of people who will pray for me and the students throughout my year on Relay.

Secondly, financial support. As the year is a voluntary work role which is unpaid, it is solely dependent on fundraising from friends, family and anyone who wants to partner with me on my mission! The reason I call it partnership, it's because I believe wholeheartedly that giving is not just giving, but partnering. For example, in Philippians 1, Paul thanks the church for being partners with him. In Philippians 4, he goes into more detail and says that because the church has given, the fruit of his work is counted as their fruit just as much as it is his . Whether it be £2 a month or £20 a month, or even a one-off donation, if you are financially able, anything would be so greatly appreciated.  All the money will go towards paying my rent at Portsmouth, food, living expenses, and ministry costs such as mentoring and getting to know students. E.g., taking a new first year student who has just joined the Christian for a coffee, etc. 

If you would be up for signing up to my prayer letters and/or donating to me, please go to my page: to find out all the relevant information. If you would like to find out more, or prefer to contact me directly, please email me at


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. May you all continue to stay blessed.